Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Even If Pete Edochie is Married, I Long To Be In His Arms—Actress

This is incredible! A 70-year-old who is unashamedly chased by a younger woman.

For Nigeria-based Liberian Nollywood actress, Blessing Brown, her dream is to get married to the veteran actor, Pete Edochie.

 Confessing that Pete Edochie has always been her crush, she expressed desire to be in his arms.

In her words:

 “Since I was a child I have been crushing on him. I still look forward to seeing myself in the arms of Pete Edochie. I don’t mind the fact that he is married; he is my dream husband. I like the way he talks, walks and acts.

Nobody else can substitute him in my life right now. Not even his younger version, Yul Edochie; he doesn’t entice me. All I want is Pete and not his sons or look alike! I love him regardless of his age. Older men make good husbands. .

Age is just a number. If I love a 70-year old man, I don’t see why I shouldn’t marry him. I don’t have time for small boys still running  around.”

Who will help her, please?