Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Beautiful Mum Of Two Who Walked Out Of An Abusive Marriage Marries Young Man

This was a piece of good news shared on Facebook by Aishatu Ella John about her friend Nora.

She wrote:

“When Nora Oma Patrick told me she was getting remarried, I screamed for joy and started dancing.
When I saw the wedding pictures, I couldn't contain my excitement. I was jumping up and down, happy excited and even crying tears of joy, I told Nora her wedding got me more excited than mine, I don't think she understood, she must have assumed I was some crazy person lol.

For people who may not understand my excitement let me tell you a little about Nora and her journey.

Nora got married very young, she was young and innocent, she assumed she would like a life of happily ever after but soon that illusion was shattered with abuse and serial cheating. The peak of her tumultuous relationship with her ex was when she just had a baby and he wanted to hit her on the hospital bed.

Nora has a truck load of painful experience from her first marriage, she tried everything to make it work.
She tried being submissive, more submissive, see nothing say nothing. It didn't work, it got to the point that her ex husband's mistress started calling her to threaten her that she would get thrown out.

She tried praying and fasting even consulting pastors who claimed they saw several visions on how her home would be restored, they took her money yet the nightmare remained.

Finally Nora decided she was done, her ex was taken unaware, he begged her small little did Nora know it was a plan to hide assets.

Anyway when Nora finally left, she was left with NOTHING, she had to start her life afresh with two kids and a serious and long custody battle.

Nora didn't give up and go back to her ex to beg, Nora wore her big girl pants took responsibility for her life, her kids and got to work. She worked as hard as was humanly possible, got her life back on track and got to a comfortable place for herself and her kids. Her mother was her biggest supporter through this hard times.

The thing that endeared me to Nora when I read her stories and the challenges with a bad marriage was that Nora never ever turned into a bitter men are evil hating woman. She was still Nora, kind, trusting, caring and still believed in love.

On her wedding day Facebook almost crashed with so many beautiful pictures, because Nora is the sweetest person you can ever meet, loyal to a fault even when sometimes you feel she is letting people take advantage of her but Nora just takes it all so gracefully and flashed her killer smile.

Nora would send beautiful packages for several friends and their kids, if you tell Nora you love a dress Nora would inbox ask for your size and send.

So Nora met this young, fine, Hawt never been married dude who was kuku begging for over a year for Nora to marry him.

See, most times women would refuse to leave dead end marriages because according to them nobody would marry them again after kids, some would say they can only marry divorcees and widowers but Nora married a brand new Igbo man, Canadian citizen no visa wahala has his own great paying job and money before bad belle people will say na money the man dey find.

Sadly she lost her mother two days to her wedding.
Here is a toast to Nora and her handsome husband, wishing them all of life's beauty and grace.

For those who stay in bad relationships because they do not want to make adult decisions for their safety and that of their kids I hope Nora inspires you today.
Great things happen when you take charge of your life.” (sic)

Kannywood Actress Rahama Marries Rich Politician

The beautiful and versatile Kannywood actress Rahama Hassan married the love of her life, Alhaji Sani Elkudan on January 6, 2017.

The marriage took place at the Emir of Sarkin-Zazzau of Suleja Juma'at Mosque in Suleja town of Niger State.

Elkudan is a rich politician and member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who also works with several political parties at state and national level.

Rahama who starred in blockbuster Kannywood films such as 'Birnin Masoya', 'Dan Marayan Zaki' and 'Qarangiya', nearly married Kannywood marketer Alhaji Sani Rainbow last year.

However, sources closed to the marketer told Daily Trust that the marketer halted his plan to marry the actress because his family were against it.

Her famous role in Kannywood was when she acted as the mother of Chinedu Ikiedeze and Osita Iheme in 'Qarangiya', a film by her former suitor Sani Rainbow.

At Last, We All Saw Tonto Dike’s Baby's Face!

So, Tonto Dike’s baby will be seen without any razzmatazz? Today, the husband Oladunni Churchill posted a picture of his son, Andrea.

The actress has refused to display her baby’s face since she had him 11 months ago.

The baby, who took after its father, got a GMC 2017 truck as an early birthday present from Churchill recently.

An elated father wrote, “Whatever plan the devil has for you won't work, you shall excel and rule like the king that you are love you so much. #replica #thekingishere #kingandreaproperties.”

But fans of his wife are up in arms against him. They are of the opinion that the squabbles the couple is experiencing in their home must have prompted Churchill unveiling his son.

Wife Celebrates 9ice As He Marks 37th Year Birthday

Gongo aso crooner, Abolore Akande aka 9ice adds a year today and his wife Olasunkanmi  Ajala celebrated him on her IG handle. Sharing photos of them together, she wrote:

Countdown to this my stubborn, strong headed ,very naughty and loving husband's birthday.”

9ice (born Alexander Abolore Adegbola Adigun Alapomeji Ajifolajifaola, on 17 January 1980) is a Nigerian musician. He is a south-westerner from Ogbomoso in Oyo State but he grew up in the district of Bariga in Lagos.

9ice won the award for Best Hip Hop Artist at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2008. At the third edition of the Hip Hop World Awards held in Nigeria, he won the Revelation of the Year award and Best Male Vocal Performer. A month later at the first SoundCity Music Video Awards, he was nominated in the category of Best New Artist. 9ice's biggest single is titled "Gongo Aso". He is the founder of Alapomeji Records.

In 2014, 9ice revealed that he was going to contest for a political office in his native Ogbomosho in Oyo state. He joined the All Progressive Congress (APC) and declared his interest to contest for a seat at the Federal House of Representatives. He lost out during the primaries. 9ice was named as a Special Adviser to the Oyo state Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

Additional reports: Wikipedia

Ex BBA Housemate, Huddah Munroe Reveals Most Delicate Thing In Her Body

Kenyan ex Big Brother Africa contestant cum Fashion entrepreneur, Huddah Munroe, has revealed what she prized the most in her body.

In one of her posts on social media, Huddah, who is also a socialite in her home country highlighted her To-do list and disclosed why her private part remains the most prize part of her body.
She wrote:

It doesn’t mean you are sick when you go get your Vagina checked.

As a woman it's important to visit your Gynae regularly especially if your are sexually active.
It's the beginning of the year, go get your breasts examined; get your p smears-(The test isn't intended to detect cancerous cells, or cervical cells that have the potential to cause cancer. If these cells are found it lets you receive treatment to reduce the likelihood of you developing cervical cancer)

VAGINAL swabs/ PELVIC examinations-(During a pelvic examination Gynae examines your vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.)
Pussy is the most delicate thing ever. Take care of it ladies. One
#Female Health #igotthatafricansauce

I’m Married To Foluke Daramola-Salako, I'm Not In Bonds—Husband

To those preying into the marriage of actress Foluke Daramola-Salako, please steer off.

This is the message her husband, Olukayode is passing across to intruders who are policing him because he is married to the buxom actress.

He wrote on his IG page:


Few months ago, I hosted an old lady friend at a Chinese restaurant in Ikeja and before I could realize what was happening one 'concerned and generous' guy who also came to host a woman in the same place didn't concentrate on what he went there to do. All he was doing was texting my wife, Foluke, on his phone about what he saw.

He told her: " Your husband is here right now at a restaurant where I am also, hosting a very beautiful woman. And I think they are getting very cozy about it. Folu, please, be careful about this guy, because I heard they said he likes women. bla! bla!! bla!!!"

My wife got this malicious message and never discussed it, until the day she decided to let me see the message, because then it wasn't an issue to her.

Foluke knows I am not under her bondage and can never be. So, people should not expect that because I am married to Foluke Daramola, then I must not relate with other women again or women should be my enemies. No! That is not me! That is the way of a man who is under the bondage of a woman. I am in a marriage and not in a bondage...These are some of the messages and phone calls she receives regularly from her " well wishers" like that. I am in a marriage, and not in a bondage.

Nobody forced me into it, and nobody can force or police me to stay in it... Foluke's closest pals are men, even after she got married to me, and my good friends are women as well..." We both know this about eachother. So, I think it is an insult for anybody to see me around women and feel it is a crime to do so ..." - Olukayode Salako.”