Friday, 11 August 2017

My Wife Is A Drunk, Drinks Beer & Fights—Man Begs Court To Dissolve 20-Year Old Marriage

A  20-year-old marriage between Mr Karimu Adeosun and his wife, Sidikatu, was dissolved by an Ado Ekiti Customary Court over allegations of drunkenness and threat to life.

President of the Court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, in her judgment, said disoolving the marriage is the right decision as court’s records that the marriage had broken down irretrievably.

Custody of the two children the marriage produced was given to Sidikatu for proper care.

Olayinka ordered Karimu to provide monthly feeding allowance of N5,000 to Sidikatu to cater for the children effective from Sept. 31 and the money be paid through the court’s registrar.
Both parents were also ordered to be responsible for the education of the children and granted the father unrestricted access to the children.

The 75-year old petitioner, Karimu, a farmer, who resides at No.25, Ajowa St., Ado-Ekiti, filed the application to divorce Sidikatu whom he married 20 years ago as the fourth wife.

Karimu in his petition accused Sidikatu of constant drunkenness which often led to indecent behaviour.

“My wife is a drunk and whenever she takes beer, she will start fighting our neighbours.

“I’m not comfortable with this and if I dare intervene, she would start abusing me,” he told the court.

Not stopping there, Karimu also told the court that Sidikatu was in the habit of threatening to kill him with hired assassins whenever they had an argument or disagreement over family issues.

He, therefore, pleaded with the court to dissolve their marriage to enable him have peace of mind.

But the 59-year old Sidikat, a trader, who resides at No, 27, Ogbon Ado St., Ado-Ekiti, denied the allegations.

She blamed the petitioner’s second wife for the constant rift between them adding that whenever they had issues, Karimu always ordered her to sleep on the chair in the sitting room.

“He usually allows the second wife to sleep on the bed with him in the bedroom.’’

The respondent, however, said she was not contesting the application for the dissolution of their marriage.

Two witnesses for the petitioner corroborated his claims and testified to Sidikatu’s constant drunkenness and other allegations.