Sunday, 19 February 2017

Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola Celebrates Son As He Clocks 7 Today

Mother of two and Nollywood thespian, Opeyemi Aiyeola, who is based in the United Kingdom with her family is happy today February 19. 

Why? It’s her firstborn 7th birthday and she reminisced on his birth seven years ago. What more? She sees Samuel as God’s weapon of ‘silencing my haters.’

The fair-skinned actress took to Instagram to write of her motherhood experience:

February 19th is always n will continue to be one of the most precious, sacred, tearful, blessed, glorious, happiest days of my life till I grow old n depart this world. It's the appointed day when my first fruit, my testimony, my arrow , my pride, my joy, my heart beat, my prophet was born. U silenced the mouth of my haters, u came n disappointed the crafty, u came n wiped away my tears, u ended my fears, renewed my hope, increased my faith n opened unto me the most precious, unexchangeable, irreplaceable door of motherhood. Thank you Jehovah and Samuel Erimininuoluwa for choosing an undeserving sinner like me to be ur guardian. I love u beyond wordly expression. Happy 7th birthday my 1st champ🎉🎂. I use ur divine conception as a point of contact for those undeserving sinners like me that this time next year they too will have their testimony and the world will celebrate with them.” (sic)

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