Monday, 6 February 2017

It’s A Boy! You Can Now Call Ibrahim Chatta, 'Daddy'

Three months after his marriage to Lizzie Berry, versatile actor/film-maker, Ibrahim Chatta is now a proud father of a baby boy!

The delighted father took to Instagram to show his bundle of joy and his timeline is full of congratulatory messages.

This is his third marriage barely two years after his marriage to the daughter of former governor of Kwara State, Shaaba Lafiaji, Salamatu, crashed.
Chatta, whose marriage to Salamatu was contracted in April 2013, was fraught with allegations including wife battery (his first wife, Olayinka Solomon, who also divorced him, accused him of this. She is said to be currently married to an Igbo businessman).
The October 1, 2016 wedding

According to sources, Chatta and Salamatu’s marital challenge sprouted as a result of what Salamatu and her family described as ‘lowly lifestyle’ the actor lived.
Salamatu, who comes from a wealthy home, was not too comfortable with the living conditions in Chatta’s home at Ikotun, a Lagos suburb. 
Chatta and Lizzie on their wedding day flanked by Lola Idije

Her mother had once visited the estranged couple’s home and was devastated at the poor living conditions of her daughter in the area which is said to be one of the dilapidated areas in the state.
Salamatu was said to have abandoned the marriage.
When Chatta got married to Salamatu, he was labelled a gold-digger. Denying the allegation, he said he loved Salmatu and did not marry her because of her father’s wealth.

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