Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Beautiful Bride Dies 20 Days After Glamourous Wedding

This is sad. Sad that newly wedded Ekezie Vera Tochi died just 20 days after her glamorous wedding. Apparently pregnant when she wedded on December 22, 2016, the beautiful lady reportedly gave up the ghost after the birth of her baby on January 11, 2017. According to her mourning friend, who shared the sad news on Facebook, the deceased complained of severe pains after she was given an injection during labour. 

She died few hours later.

The friend wrote:

“Good people doesn't last, i still can't believe you are gone my Queen baby girl "Vera. My heart bleeds, it has been so heavy and difficult to believe we have lost you. After all our stress just for you to have a glamorous traditional marriage on 22nd Dec 2016, it was a huge success, then after, on the 11th Jan 2017, you delivered safely and our joy was cut short few hours later.

Little did we know that death was knocking while you was complaining of severe pains where dey injected you during labour few hours after you have put to bed, just like that it becomes reality. OMG...your poor mum, your siblings and loved ones has been in tears, death why It hurts but we can't question God. Myself and my family will miss you, we love you Tochi but God love you most. May your departed soul rest in peace, in the bosom of the Almighty God. Adieu my Queen baby girl....” (sic)