Saturday, 4 February 2017

Actress Liz Anjorin In Trouble Over Bad Grammar

It was a photo session gone awry. The actress who obviously loves pets has two dogs at home—Pretty and Terror—wanted to have fun with them in front of the photographer’s lens.

Kemiashefonovehaven reports that as the dogs became restless and almost spoilt her fun, Liz shouted at them and said, “Pretty Stop it! Stop jealous. (Instead of ‘stop being jealous)”

The video became a hit among bloggers and some fans who faulted the bad grammar.

In a swift response, Lizzy Anjorin enjoined haters to face other national issues and not her life and that of her pets.
She wrote:

My pets skyrocketing my fame like wildfire ...non of my movies or good writeup has ever gain huge attention as this ...we are the main PROBLEM of this great Country...if playing with my pets could generate such huge attention and ridiculous hype  and the naira remains
500 to 1dollar
Petrol  145 naira per litre
1 Bag of rice for 20k
Boko Haram still keeping some of our girls hostage
Your house rent is due
Little or no  power supply
Fulani herdsmen still killing innocent souls
Graduates still searching for job like ceased menstruation

Brilliant pple wit big grammars still  rotting at home with no jobs
Companies keep sending pple back home with no gratitude
 Pensioners are starving and homeless
Kidnappers, robbers, ritualists are more than the clergy
Schools on long term strike
Pure water sells for N20 in some parts of the country

Some corpers and youths  can't spell onion on live pulse TV  interview
 and you are here dragging *BEING * like
🙄 means am important than Nigerian's economy  woes though..and thanks for calling me into order..
My candid advice is, plz plz and plz save your data and strength for 2BABA rally or join the 15,000 youth that want to welcome president BUHARI
.” (sic)

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