Monday, 6 February 2017

Actor Muyiwa Ademola Returns Home With Family After 3-Month Holiday Abroad

Vacation over! The versatile Nollywood actor/producer returned to Nigeria after spending three months in Houston Texas with his family.

Muyiwa Ademola, who had a memorable vacation returned with a car gift from one of his fans in the US. The fan, Apostle Tope Onileowo, gave the actor some money and a car for Ademola’s unique interpretation of the lead role in the film, ‘Ori” which he produced 14 years ago.

Now back home, the actor posted a picture of him standing in front of his beautiful mansion and wrote:

“If this house could talk, it could have muttered something like..."Daddy how could you go for such a long period, don't you know I would miss you? " and I could have replied..."I am so sorry beloved, never intended to stay away for so long, I won't do it again" If I come to America with my house next time please don't complain ooo. Glad to be back. E ku ile ooo, se alaafia labayin ooo?