Saturday, 4 February 2017

I’m Single, Available For Marriage—Phyno

Who is your crush in the industry?
Phyno: Crushes come and go, I think I have grown pass that stage right now.

Okay, is marriage on your mind?
Phyno: Definitely yes, I am going to marry one day. But right now, I want my music to stabilise.

Can we say you are single and available?  
Phyno: Yes, I am single and very available. Forget whether I am in a relationship or not, I am not married yet. Even the person you are dating, you might end up not marrying her. So, I am not married, I am available. No! I am not searching but I am single and available.

Like how many years from now would marriage be on your mind?

Phyno: Let’s say the next three to five years.
 Source: SunNews

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