Saturday, 20 August 2016

Her Mother Hates Me Because I’m Yoruba—Husband; His People Hate Me’Cos I’m Igbo-Wife

A 38-year-old husband, Akinlabi Adeniyi, on Friday urged an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to dissolve his 12-year-old marriage to his wife, Blessing, for alleged desertion and lack of care for the children. However, Blessing too accused her husband and his family members of disproving of their union as they won’t stop complaining that she is an Igbo woman.
 Adeniyi, a resident of No. 8E, Orere Owu, Ado-Ekiti, said his wife had packed out of their home, saying she was tired of the marriage. The father of four, told the court that when Blessing got pregnant, his mother-in-law was against the union, because he was a Yoruba man.
“When she delivered her baby, her mother came to burn the baby’s material which resulted into a fight between my mother-in-law and I. “All the same, after the delivery of the third baby, I went to her village with my family to pay her dowry. “I, however, noticed that after the delivery of the last baby, her behaviour changed; she no longer stayed in the house, but preferred her parents house,” he said.

He further claimed that his family went to plead with her parents to appeal to their daughter to come back home, but they told them Blessing had the final say. “The children are now living with their mother in her new husband’s house, but I want my children back because I am not happy with their welfare,” he said. He, therefore, prayed the court to award him the custody of the children, Sefunmi, 13; Ayomide, 11; Oyindamola, eight; and Sunday, six.
 Blessing, 34, a resident of No. 5, Ajowa Str., Ado-Ekiti, did not deny that she had remarried. She told the court that when the pregnancy of their first child was two months, Adeniyi travelled and did not return until six months after. “All through his journey, he did not bother to ask after my welfare, knowing my condition. “It was my mother who took care of me and settled my medical bills when he claimed he had no money. “After three weeks of giving birth, he stole my money and he ended up beating me when I challenged him. “When my mother came to warn him, he held her clothe and broke her teeth; calling her a witch and being responsible for his inability to progress, in spite of the fact that he had not paid my dowry,” she said. Blessing also accused Adeniyi’s family of meddling into their affairs, saying they did not allow her to enjoy her marriage. “They won’t stop complaining that I am an  Igbo woman,” she said. She said she got to know through her children when they went for holiday with him that he had remarried. “Before, I remarried, I have been responsible for the feeding, welfare and education of the children. She, therefore, prayed the court to award the custody of the children to her because her new husband had accepted them as his own children. On hearing both sides, the President of the court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, adjourned the case till Sept. 7 for further hearing

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