Friday, 3 February 2017

Women Who Need Husbands (Dating)

Who: Woman, 47, into business, Nigerian, south west, fair-complexioned, average height, pretty, a Christian, a widow and based in Lagos
Wants: Man, Nigerian, south west, educated /employed, a Christian, single, caring and honest. Age could be between 50-55 years
Contact: 07053729294

Who: Woman, 39, self-employed, Nigerian, Oyo, average height and single mother, single mother and a Christian
Wants:  Man, Nigerian, Christian, employed/self employed, age could be between 49-60 years
Contact: 08169775079

Who: Woman, 47, employed, Nigerian, Osun, average height and single mother, single mother of three grown children, and based in Ibadan
Wants: Man, Nigerian, Christian, educated/employed/into business, caring, a widower, a Christian and age could be between 49-65 years
Contact: 09052519377

Want to be hooked? Send details:

Other details: Nationality, height, complexion, status(single, separated, divorced, widowed) Religion
Spouse specification: Want do you want?
Phone: 08058104619