Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ik Is Always First To Apologise—Ik Osakioduwa’s Wife Reveals Secret of Their Union

 For a marriage that has lasted eight years in a world where divorce is second skin, it’s worth celebrating this celebrity duo in our Happy Home Series. Indeed, the Big Brother Africa host, Ik and wife, Olohi, has shown why some marriages last.
According to Olohi in an interview, her husband is quick to apologise.
She said, “I will have to give my husband the credit for usually being the first to apologise. Though I do my fair share of apologising too, he beats me to it most of the time. There is something really mature about a man who is secure enough in himself to apologise about something he feels he has done wrong or not. I’ve learnt a lot from IK here.”
Marriage is a partnership of two forgiving partners.  Saying, ‘I’m sorry’ should not come from the offending partner alone. For peace to reign, go ahead and offer the olive branch.

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